Vet Endoscopy Training Center


VETC was born from Dr. Ifteme Constantin's wish to continue, sustain and organize events that promote continuous professional learning and veterinary medical education. This training center was inaugurated on September 1, 2016, on the same day with the opening of the Center for Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Veterinary Surgery Clinic. It is the first and only training center conceived and designed especially in organising workshops on surgical themes, endoscopic surgery, endoscopy, ultrasound.

VETC organises conferences, workshops and webinars at which internationally recognized veterinary specialists with excellent teaching skills are presenting. Participants receive a certificate of participation at the end of each course. The reduced number of participants allows direct contact and constant interaction with lecturers / trainers to provide quick and better learning of the procedures.

The conference room has a capacity of 35 seats, which can be upgraded to 60, desk, two projection screen, audio system, videoprojector, pointer. The workshop has 7 workstations equipped with 7 surgical tables, 7 LED lights, 7 monitors, 7 Mayo tables, 14 chairs. The VETC center is equipped with a camera that offer the possibility of live transmission, holding a system from the main work table (the trainer) to all the other surgical tables, allowing the trainer's technical gestures to be traced to the monitor of each workstation, making it possible to perform real-time maneuvers in conjunction with the images watched on the monitor. VETC provides to all participants protection materials for "hands on" events, including protective gloves, scrubs, caps, surgical masks, botos.

Throughout the events, water, coffee, tea, pastries, fruits will be provided and, depending on the duration of the events, we will also ensure lunch. The menu can be personalized according to the requirements of the participants (eg vegetarian, gluten-free products, decaffeinated coffee, sweeteners etc.)

VETC proposes to organize conferences and workshops covering the whole sphere of veterinary medicine. It also has all the facilities needed for organising events in other fields (human medicine, nutrition, pharmaceutical companies, etc.).

Starting from the slogan "Whole word in a single chamber", we want to bring lecturers from all over the world with practical experience, well-established techniques and advanced medical language.

Each event will be accredited by CMVRo.

Our partners, Royal Canin, MSD Animal Health, Karl Storz Endoskope and Samsung Ultrasound, support us in organizing our events so that they run in optimal conditions.