Workshop Anesthesia - Bulgarian Language

The workshop is reserved for 15 participants . The workshop will be held in Bulgarian language.

  • Saturday, 23 March 2019
  • Saturday, 23 March 2019
  • Snezhana Atanasova
  • VETC
  • Bd. Ion Ionescu de la Brad 5, Sector 1, Bucharest
  • 200.00 Euro

We are sorry, but this event is no longer available. Check our latests events.

The workshop is reserved for 15 participants and aims to allow a fair approach to the most commonly anesthetic procedures encountered in dog and cat. The reduced number of participants allows direct contact and constant interaction with trainer to provide a fast and good learning of the procedures. The practical part will be achieved by using all necessary equipment, with practical tests, followed by live cases.
The participants will perform all the anesthetic procedures and techniques described in the theoretical session, under the direct supervision of the trainer.

Snezhana Atanasova

Snezhana Atanasova


1) DVM degree - Russian University of People Friendship, Agricultural Faculty, Veterinary medicine department, 2000-2005 
2) PhD degree – department of Anatomy and Histology, Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Bioscience named by K.I.Skryabin, 2016-present 


1) Senior Assistant in Anesthesiology Department VC Biocontrol the division of Russian Oncologic Science Centre, 2003-2006, Moscow 
2) Veterinary Anesthesiologist in Veterinary Rehabilitation Center, 2012-2013, Moscow 
3) Head of Anesthesiology and Critical care departments in VC "Swans", 2013-2015, Moscow 
4) Head of Anesthesiology Department and ICU in VC "SvoyDoctor", 2015-2016, Moscow 
5) Scientific Chief of Anesthesiology and Critical care departments in VC "Svoy Doctor" and "Innovative Veterinary Centre" of Moscow State Veterinary Academy, 2016-2017, Moscow 
6) Leading anesthesiologist and expert in "Innovative Veterinary Centre" of Moscow State Veterinary Academy, main practice with DVM Anton Lapshin in Soft tissue surgery, interventional radiology and endoscopy department, 2017 - present, Moscow 
7) Chief of Veterinary Medicine Journal "Veterinary Clinic", 2017-present 


1) Lions spay program of Veterinary Endoscopy School, Anesthesiologist, Georgia, Tbilisi, September 2014 
2) Polar Bear Program in Arctic, Anesthesiologist, Russia, September 2016 
3) Scientific program of Russian Neurology Scientific Institute "Burdenko", Department of child neurosurgery, Veterinary anesthesiologist and expert, Russia, Moscow, October 2014, November 2015, November 2016 
4) EVENDOC 2017, Anesthesiology assistance, Lithuania, Vilnius, June 2017 


1) Acute traumatic pain syndrome after laparoscopy, 12th Annual Russian Anesthesiology Meeting, Moscow, April 2016 
2)Anesthesiology management of patients with acute kidney disease, Annual National Veterinary Meeting, Moscow, November 2016 
3) Anesthesiology management of patients with chronic kidney disease, 25th Annual Moscow Veterinary Meeting, Moscow, April 2017 


Russian Veterinary Anesthesiology Society (VITAR) 
Anesthesiology Veterinary Association (AVA) 


1) Equine Anesthesiology, Duelmen, Germany, April 2005 
2) Externship program in Anesthesiology and Critical care departments, Kovet Veterinary School by Israel University, Tel Aviv, Israel, September - October 2013 
3) Anesthesiology of wild cats, Longleat Safari Park, GB, June 2014 
4) Masterclass Vet Labs Endourology 2 Training 6-7th May 2017 
5) Visiting program in Interventional Radiology and Endoscopy department of The Animal Medical Center, NY, USA, August 2017