Terms and Privacy

Your use of the www.vetc.ro website as a simple user and / or potential participant in the workshops, conferences, webinars organized by the Vet Endoscopy Training Center - S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L, implies acceptance of the terms and conditions below.  

Article 1. Definitions  

1.1.User - any natural / legal person who has given his / her agreement to the specific terms of the www.vetc.ro site in the terms and conditions section and has created a user account on the www.vetc website. ro.
1.2.Participant - any person over the age of 18 and / or a legal entity enrolling in the workshops, conferences, webinars organized by the Vet Endoscopy Training Center - S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L.
1.3.Workshops, conferences, webinars organized by Vet Endoscopy Training Center -S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L aim to create a pole of attraction and veterinary medical education for veterinarians, students at the veterinary medicine faculties both in Romania and abroad.
1.4.Organizator of workshops, conferences, webinars - Vet Endoscopy Training Center, Societatea Comerciala Endoscopie Veterinara SRL, Romanian legal person, with headquarters in Bucharest, Ion Ionescu Boulevard, 5, sector 1, number of order in the Trade Register J40 / 11154 / 23.08.2016, Unique Tax Registration Number 36448553, with account RO13BREL0002001275100101 opened at Libra Bank-Decebal, email office@vetc.ro, represented by Ifteme Monica Cristina as administrator.  

Article 2. Enrollment Procedure at the Conference  

2.1. The terms and conditions presented are held by the parties as long as no separate one has been concluded and by completing and submitting online the registration form at the chosen event and payment of the subscription fee, the user declares that he has taken note of the content of the terms and conditions and that he understands to respect them exactly.
2.2. The user can participate in the events organized by the Vet Endoscopy Training Center - S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L, within the limits of the available places, as well as the eligibility criteria set by the organizer.  
2.3. After completing and submitting the application form, S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L will issue a pro forma invoice, representing the registration fee, on behalf of the participant or the commercial company, which will be sent to the user by the e-mail address completed by the enrollment form. Proforma is to be paid within 5 calendar days of the issue, failure to comply with this deadline will result in invalidation of the event registration. You may choose to pay by: Bankcard (Visa / Mastercard) directly on the site or at the S.C.Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L bank transfer or cash at S.C.Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L.  
2.3.1.The participation fee includes attendance at courses, lunch / coffee breaks and course notes.  
2.3.2. The participation fee does not include accommodation or transport. Event Organizers Vet Endoscopy Training Center will provide participants with a list of hotels, some of which are negotiated with special prices  

3. Registration fee.

3.1. The enrollment fee is displayed in euro or lei at each event. The fee is payable in lei, at the NBR exchange rate on the day of the proforma invoice. The fee will be paid into the account RORO13BREL0002001275100101 opened at Libra Bank-Decebal, beneficiary S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L , O.P. Should have the name of the participant and the event for which the payment is made will be mentioned in the payment details.  
3.2. Course Applicants are registered according to the order in which proof of payment for the course is received because the number of participants in each course is limited.
3.3. If the user pays the participation fee, and subsequently for any reason, he no longer wishes or can no longer participate, he may request the organizer and receive the sums paid in the following weightings and conditions:
3.3.1. Reimbursement of 50% of the amount of tax paid if the waiver is notified in writing to S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L with more than 30 calendar days before the start of the event.
3.3.2. No refunds are paid if the user has purchased at a discounted price (with discount) to the whole
3.3.3. If the waiver is communicated less than 30 calendar days before the start of the courses, no refunds will be made by S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L.
3.3.4. Fees can not be transferred to other courses.
3.4.5. Lost matches can not be recovered and can not be requested to transfer the amount paid to another event and neither the amount of money paid will be refunded.
3.4. Vet Endoscopy Training Center reserves the right to refuse an enrollment without further explanation.
3.5. The organizer will notify any changes made to the event program on www.vetc.ro on the participant's email and the changes made are deemed to be accepted by the user if they are made 30 calendar days before the start course. Enrollment fees paid will be refunded in full if a course is canceled by VET ENDOSCOPY TRAINING CENTER - S.R.L. with more than 30 calendar days before the start of the event. After that, other claims can no longer be made. 3.6. SC Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L. does not have the right to change the type of event, theme, duration, date, or location, less than 15 calendar days before the start of the event. If the organizer cancels the event with less than 30 calendar days before the course, users are entitled to claim reimbursement of the already paid and other related costs paid (accommodation and transport).

Article 4. Protection of personal data

4.1. SC Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L respects the right of users (participants or not at workshops, conferences, webinars) to the protection of personal data. SC Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L. can obtain various information about the user that he / she provides by filling in the registration form for workshops, conferences, webinars, such as the participant's name and surname, email address, telephone number. Information on personal data will be processed by S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L. in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, with subsequent modifications and completions, may be used for purposes related to its object of activity, such as:   - completion of the event registration process;   - Issuing billing documents for attending workshops, conferences, webinars   - issuing diplomas and certificates of attendance at workshops, conferences, webinars.
4.2. Through the actual use of S.C.Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L. believes that the users of www.vetc.ro have read, understand and accepted the terms and conditions and understand that they are strictly in compliance with them In order to avoid any contrary interpretation, S.C. Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L. is responsible only for information collected through the enrollment form, any other information collected from the users of the www.vetc.ro site and will be subject to the privacy policy and privacy policy of the site owner.  

5. Privacy, Copyright 

5.1. All VET Endoscopy Training Center's materials (including course notes, distance learning materials, etc. provided by trainers) are, unless specified otherwise, VET ENDOSCOPY TRAINING CENTER - Endoscopie Veterinara S.R.L. and trainers.  
5.2.This material is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.  
5.3.Reproduction or transmission of these materials, in whole or in part, in any way, is not permitted without the prior written consent of the copyright holder.  
5.4. Participants may not distribute any copies to third parties, whether electronic or not, whether for a fee or not, or for any other reason without the written consent of the copyright holders.  
5.5.Any breach of the foregoing is a violation of the copyright law and will result in the exclusion of the participant from all future courses of the Vet Endoscopy Training Center and give rise to criminal prosecution.